Photo credit: JimYounkin.com

Youtube has been an extension of Google for a few years now and to give credit where credit is due,  they have done a great job at pulling together and making content on the video streaming site more searchable and organized. With the growth of Youtube, Google continues to make attempts at fine tuning the more nuanced woes of social media fused with multimedia. One aspect of quality control has recently become a request to use the full name associated with your Google+ account in preference over the usual “moniker” that may give users the added convenience of privacy. This is not forced upon users and remains an open option. Should you agree to use your Google+ full name, all previous comments and places which displayed your old name will be updated for all to see. Thinking about it, this may be a start to getting rid of some of the trolling and bullying that can plague some videos on Youtube. I say it’s worth a shot, but could turn out to be a slippery slope.



SOURCE: JimYounkin.com: YouTube Pushing Users Switch To Real Names