In a Bloomberg news leak Verizon expressed its plans to implement it’s “text-to-911” feature in February. The service will allow clients to send “short-code” texts to first response centers.

Image courtesy of inquisitr.com

In the interest of  “public safety”, Verizon plans to give customers another way to reach their local emergency line. They chose TeleCommunication Systems Inc. to help create the feature to allow customers to send SMS messages to emergency call centers known as public-service answering points(PSAP’s).

Verizon recommends users to always use voice calling first, but boasts its fulfillment of the needs of the hearing impaired and its usefulness for the times where calling may not be an option. Marjorie Hsu, Verizon Wireless president of technology describes it as a feature that will “address the needs of public safety and our customers. . .”. The goal is to have the service ready by the beginning of 2013. It will be used across the Verizon’s CDMA network thru short message service technology(SMS). The service will be available to Verizon customers with a text service plan.

TeleCommunication Systems issued a statement asserting its leadership role in developing SMS and E911 woven technology. TCS also expressed itself as the “preeminent supplier” of text-to-911 technologies. Verizon is now focusing on reaching out to PSAP’s, the FCC and other regulatory/state groups to help usher along the development of the new safety feature.

Verizon is a mobile and wireless com service that extends to over 93 million customers worldwide. Telecommunication Systems, Inc. provides “secure mobile communication technology” and has a client base that reaches millions including government agencies, cyber securities and other professional services.


Source: Bloomberg