Some time ago Microsoft discussed “future” Smart Home technology:

Well it’s nice to see that this technology is now available and “easy” to use for all of us. Even though most of the Smart Home devices are not produced or sold by Microsoft, they were before there time. 

Now we have another future “prediction” from Microsoft that includes large touch screens, video conferencing, augmented reality, and possibly even holograms. Of course some of the things you will see in this video are currently available, but, more cut back version’s compared to the Microsoft future. 

So, this got me thinking:

Does Microsoft put too much thought into the future and not enough on the present?

Or are they thinking about the present to better the future?

Are Microsoft’s products to complex because of this forward thinking?

Then thinking about the Smart Home, did Microsoft see this as a fad and not pursue the technology to full production? (Well, I haven’t seen a Smart Microsoft thermostat at Ace Harware, Home Depot or Lowes). 

Whatever the future holds, we should embrace all the different companies that provide us great technology!