When working with multiple tabs, you can easily find yourself in a confusing workspace; Searching for the desired content among a sea of tabs. What if there was a way to sift through your tabs more quickly to locate your desired tab? Tab Grouper is a Google Chrome extension and does just what its name says; It groups your tabs alphabetically andby domain so you aren’t spending extra time looking around for your desired page. After installation of the Tab Grouper extension, you won’t find any extra interface buttons or drop down menus to get it to work. Tab Grouper begins to work immediately upon installation. You will literally see the tabs sorting themselves as soon as you open the new tab(s) from different links. With your tabs now arranged for you in alphabetical order, you can spend less time sorting and skimming through your tabs and get to doing what it is you really want.

Tab Grouper

Screenshot of Tab Grouper

Tab Grouper is most appreciated by those that frequently work with multiple pages and tabs, particularly from the same website or domain. It simplifies browsing and organizes your tabs to reduce management headache. You won’t find any clunky settings or user interface. Just install from the link below and start surfing!

Tab Grouper extension for Google Chrome (download link)


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