Last week Skype services rolled out International Technology Upgrade Week(ITUW). An conglomerate of companies including Norton and TomTom’s effort to encourage users to stay current on updates for their PC’s and tech devices. After conducting a survey on a large United States and European demographic, there were some interesting conclusions that arose. In the end, the goal is for people to become aware that updates are the way to prevent harmful attacks and maintain computer efficiency and not the other way around which oddly enough is a common idea in users that don’t stay on top of updates.

Top Reasons for Updating
1. Keeping computers safe from viruses/hackers
2. Ensures software is free of bugs and crashes less often
3. Having the latest and greatest software features
4. Upgrades are often free

Top Reasons for Not Updating
1. Worried about computer security, so I don’t download everything I’m prompted to
2. There is no real benefit to me
3. Upgrades take too long
4. Lack of understanding about what the update(s) will do


Source: Skype.com