Welcome to rhinotech®! We provide first class IT consulting and IT support needed to develop a reliable IT department while providing businesses with an outsourced price. Click on the icons below to be directed to the services and products we offer for each technological component.

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Office 365 for Business

rhinotech® is a partner of Microsoft; therefore, you can contact us directly for more information or consulting of whether Microsoft 365 would be a cost efficient decision for your company. If you would like to add this service or already have it, rhinotech® can manage and become a delegated administrator for your Microsoft 365 account. If there is any issue with the service, you can contact rhinotech® to solve the issue or work with Microsoft to solve the problem.

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Business Voice & Data

rhinotech® works with multiple voice and internet providers to provide your business with the best possible price and services. As your telecommunications partner, we represent over 50 different suppliers, which gives us the ability to offer you exactly what you require.

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Hosted Email Security & Archiving

This service reduces spam, gives additional virus protection, keeps email up and running, lessens the risk of data loss, frees up server space, and ensures no email is ever lost.

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Network Management

A rhinotech® managed network allows us to maintain your corporation’s infrastructure, firmware, and technical support services, which are essential to operating and maintaining your network. This service provides maintenance on hardware infrastructure resources such as printers, routers, and switches. It also includes firewall software to run and secure the backend infrastructure and the data stored over it.

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Online Backup Management

Online backup is much more secure than using an external hard drive or tape drive. There are no restrictions concerning upload speed or the amount of data that can be stored.

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Server Management

This service ensures that your server is “healthy” by monitoring it to make sure that everything is running correctly, and nothing will fail in the near future.

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Workstation Management

rhinotech’s® workstation management service controls your PC and laptop issues by monitoring, maintaining, and supporting your devices. The service reduces downtime, improves system performance, updates your software, overcomes a lack of in-house IT resources, and keeps your PCs and laptops operating at peak performance. It is an excellent service for recent upstarts.

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Web Monitoring

rhinotech® helps organizations gain control of online resources with Web Security, Web Filtering and Bandwidth Monitoring. Because this service is managed by rhinotech® in the cloud, organizations do not need specialized technical skills or infrastructure to deploy and maintain.

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Mobile Device Management

rhinotech® can monitor, lock, wipe, and manage the mobile devices of the company and the employees. The primary benefit is that it gives extra protection of data that is accessed from mobile devices.

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Bottom Line Support

Our IT support plans are easy to understand! We offer two-year, one-year, and monthly pricing. The services provided with these plans are our managed network service, the managed server service, managed workstations and mobile-device management.

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