Business Voice & Data

Businesses immensely depend on voice and data services to function at their peak performance. Choosing the correct voice and data service can be a baffling task, but rhinotech® works with multiple voice and internet providers to provide your business with the best possible price and services. As your telecommunications partner, we represent over 50 different providers, which gives us the ability to offer you exactly what you require.

The Very Popular, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Unlike using a traditional phone line, VoIP empowers users to make and receive telephone calls over a broadband Internet connection. Calls are converted into data packets that are transported through the public Internet or a private IP network. Private networks allow for much greater security and quality than a public internet connection.

If the receiver of the call notices anything different on a VoIP call, it is only a cleaner sounding line. Users greatly benefit from VoIP technology with perks such as conferencing that combines voice, data, video, the presence of others within the company, and desktop sharing. These additional benefits can include reduced phone charges and reduced travel costs. Only one network is needed to manage voice and data. Changes are easier to make, and it is easier for staff members to stay connected with one another and as well as customers. Additionally, a VoIP system can be used at the office, at home, or anywhere in between that has internet accessibility. All of the benefits of VoIP technology naturally include increased productivity because the system has combined voice and data and is also simplified and easier to use. Users can even talk on their laptop and receive voice mail and faxes through e-mail.

Generally, business have three options when implementing VoIP. Companies obviously need a broadband Internet connection, but will also need VoIP software for their computer, a traditional phone that is connected to an adapter, or a VoIP-enabled phone.

The benefits of VoIP include:

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Video
  • Presence (ability to see others availability)
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • Forwarding of calls
  • Conferencing (including video)
  • Automated attendant/menu
  • Only one network is needed
  • Unlimited long distance
  • Capacity to save voicemails and calls
  • Inbound/outbound call detail reports
  • Simple desktop sharing
  • Ability to monitor employee calls
  • Employee coaching tools
  • Integrated instant messaging
  • Quickly add new phone lines
  • Clearer sounding calls
  • Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Music on hold
  • Increased productivity of employees
  • Many more tools than traditional lines

Our voice and data services include much more than just VoIP!
If you need a Microsoft Lync conference number or even a voice and date renewal, we can provide you with those options. rhinotech® can also probably provide you with a better rate than you are paying now. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about your current or future voice and data package.

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