Network Management

What is a rhinotech managed network?
A rhinotech® managed network allows us to maintain your corporation’s infrastructure, firmware, and technical support services, which are essential to operating and managing your network. This service provides maintenance on hardware infrastructure resources such as printers, routers, and switches. It also includes firewall software to run and secure the backend infrastructure and the data stored over it. The whole system is entirely monitored and maintained by rhinotech®.
When this service is combined with our Workstation Management and Server Management service, your corporation will have a completely secured solution.

The benefits to you:

Additional Firewall Benefits:

  • Around the clock monitoring
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Assistance in creating an optimized system
  • Faster and more accurate fixes
  • Advanced notice of future issues or problems with network
  • Know when copier, printers, routers, firewall or internet goes down
  • Excellent payback with minimal downtime
  • Network scanning from copiers support
  • Firmware and software updates to firewall
  • Minor configuration changes to firewall
  • VPN support for end users
  • In office Wi-Fi support

Workstation Management and Server Management Services

As mentioned earlier, when our workstation and server management services are combined with the network management service, our clients gain adequately secured solutions.

Workstation Management

This service consists of three areas: Monitoring, Maintenance, and Support.

  • Monitoring consists of 24/7 health checks, identifies issues before they are problems, and helps to keep your business running at full speed.
  • Maintenance includes automatic patches and updates, improves PC performance, and helps corporations work exceptionally
  • Support combines monitoring and maintenance, and it also reduces downtime

This three-step service helps to look after anti-virus, disk space, networking, security, email systems, and hardware.

Daily Server Health Check

All business data is stored on the server, which is why it is so important to maintain its “health.” Disk space, services such as Windows, and the email server require monitoring to ensure that everything is working correctly and nothing is going to fail in the near future.
The features that are monitored each day with a daily server health check include drive space change, physical disk health, hacker attempts, exchange store size on email, event logs. It also includes monitoring of SNMP devices, such as printers and photocopiers.

Server Management

rhinotech® server management monitors many essential features of your system at the beginning of every day, confirming each aspect is working correctly or alerting you if it is not functioning to the fullest of its capability.
rhinotech® provides IT solutions, hardware, and software to some of our area’s biggest and most well-known companies. We provide pro-active monitoring and maintenance, which can be remote or on-site support.
Our pro-active monitoring services include backup monitoring, antivirus monitoring, start-of-day monitoring, as well as nonstop monitoring throughout each 24 hour period. The pro-active monitoring services also include total care of our clients’ servers and networks. Event logs are also provided with the pro-active monitoring.
Before you arrive at your office, a short start-of-day report can be found in your in-box. The report shows the exact issues that need attention, which you can fix yourself or call us if you would prefer. If no problems are found, rhinotech® will send you a short note explaining no issues are present.

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