rhinotech® has years of experience in the field, works to reduce your expenses, and also has close partnerships with technology vendors. The technology vendors we work with have a proven track record in demonstrating results for our clients. They excel in providing usability and performance at the most affordable price.

Carbonite Authorized Partner logo

As an authorized reseller for Carbonite we can provide IT consultations about your back up so you can Set it & forget it. Carbonite backs up your files automatically to the cloud – so you never have to remember to back up. No hardware required

Dell SonicWall logo

rhinotech collaborates closely with Dell and Dell SonicWall to provide IT consulting which enables us to provide our clients with the necessary equipment to operate efficiently and effectively.

GFI logo

GFI is a  pioneer powerful, award-winning IT solutions for small to mid-sized businesses – and make our products affordable and easy to use.

Lenovo logo

Lenovo strives to be a new world company that makes award-winning PCs for our customers. They operate as a company uninhibited by walls or organizational structures using worldsourcing to harness the power of innovation across our global team. They design innovative and exciting products and services to meet our customers’ needs.

Microsoft logo

As a Microsoft Small Business Specialist and partner we have proven our competency to offer IT solutions and IT consulting to our clients. Rhinotech has extensive experience managing the networks of small business networks and providing IT solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Partners who qualify as Small Business Specialists have proven competency in marketing, selling, planning, and building IT solutions for small businesses.

Print Manager Authorized Reseller logo

Manage Users, Groups, OUs, Printers, and Print Traffic over your network and have full control of your corporate, government, and SMB environment. Implement Data Loss Prevention with over 10 permission based restrictions or even hard quotas.