When I had first heard about hosting Exchange in the “cloud” it was several years ago and at that time the cost justification was not that great. It was still beneficial to host onsite and use your hardware and Exchange software until it was end of life. I did a cost comparison of an older Exchange server(about 7 or more years now it has been in service) – 7 years seems to be about the life of an Exchange server (Yes, you could more than likely get more life out of it that’s for sure). So, what I figured was, when businesses opt to use software till end of life, this roughly works out to be about $35k with re-buying CALs, licenses, and hardware – Not to mention the time to migrate. This is about the same cost to host Exchange in the “cloud” over seven years. There is also the fact that if a business opts to host in the cloud they do not have to worry about upgrades to software or hardware on the Exchange server. Then you have cooling requirements and tech skills that will need to be onsite to think about.

The down side to any cloud service is we are all at the mercy of techs that are not within walking distance. So, if something happens to the outsourced email service, all we can do is wait for the service to be restored. Yes, there are still issues with hosting onsite and that could be as simple as an internet outage and then you have to wait on your ISP to restore that service before your email can go out.

The question is – Should your business consider outsourcing your email? In my opinion I really do think this is now a viable option. Unless, your business must adhere to a security policy that requires an onsite server or your email is mission critical, then yes, please keep this service onsite. For every other business, the benefits can now be justified and is worth your while to take a look.

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