We figured it was time to let you know about all the exciting new services we are now offering this year to help your business grow and function in the tech world more effectively.

One thing we focused on was to make sure our pricing was easy to understand and available online for everyone to read. This is why we have dedicated a page specifically for this, we call it, The Bottom Line. Here you will find pricing on all of our services including our Mobile Device Management service. Plus, discounts for a multiple year service agreement, which is also new this year.

While knowing our prices in plain text is great, we thought, offering a 24×7 help desk solution to our clients would be even better. With our certified technical staff that is available around the clock, you never have to worry about facing a technical problem alone. We’ve found that when a technical issue arises, our clients need support that instant. Whether the support comes from our dedicate phone support or our online chat support, you can spend your time focusing on your business and not troubleshooting technical issues. For more information: Managed 24×7 Help Desk.

Our newest addition this year is our Mobile Device Management service. This service not only tracks devices, it protects the equipment against data loss and theft by allowing rhinotech to lock, and wipe them until the accessory is found or disabled. Mobile device management also allows staff to work securely on both company owned or employee owned devices. For more information: Mobile Device Management.

Downloadable PDF flyers about our services:

So, if your ready to be technically efficient this year drop us a line or give us a call.