We all know that email is an important part of our day to day business. But, what happens when your email stops functioning? Or worst yet, when your email is blacklisted? For those of you who don’t know what being blacklisted means, it is possibly the worst case scenario for your business email server. The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia, “In computing, a blacklist or block list is a basic access control mechanism that allows through all elements (email addresses, users, URLs, etc.), except those explicitly mentioned. Those items on the list are denied access.” The important sentence here is, “Those items on the list are denied access.” Meaning for one reason or another your email server has be banned from sending emails. This can be from an improperly configured email server that is open to attacks, an email sever that is not protected with email filtering, or a network that is open to attack. At this point, the reason is not the main concern; the issue is for you the business owner not being able to send or receive email. This is where rhinotech comes in, we have successfully removed businesses from these so called blacklists and have reconfigured there networks. We have even gone as far as pushing one clients email off of Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps for Business. This client that we migrated from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps for Business was a fairly straight forward migration, especially being that we are an Authorized Re-seller of Google Apps. We started our migration on a Friday night after business hours; we exported all ten Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes to a PST file. Then we imported these PST files into their newly created Google Apps accounts. We did opt to export each Exchange Mailboxes individually for a couple factors. First being that our clients internet speed is only running at 1.5Mbps (T1). Then secondly, we felt in the long run we could address any errors that may occur by performing a one by one migration. By Monday, our client was up in running in there still familiar interface (Outlook) with minimal onsite training. Our client now has the ability to share calendars, have internal company email distributions lists, video conferencing, company instant messaging – The list goes on and on and our client could not be any happier with the service that we provided to them and their migration to Google Apps for Business.

If you would like more information or have any questions please do not hesitant to contact us.