Go into “Full Preview Mode” of your Google+ account and you have access to until 2013 the new features of Google+ for businesses. The three main things Google is offering in the Full Preview Mode is the ability to share posts with those in your organization while keeping others in your circles oblivious to them. Second are the beefed up Gmail and Hangout features. Being able to share documents via Google+ Hangout including Calendars and various documents between those in your circles. You can add yourself to a Hangout via Gmail and share documents with a single click. Lastly are the administrator level commands. Companies can keep certain features on or off for the benefit of the company. Admins can restrict what is allowed on the network and in the Hangouts, creating a flexible yet stable environment.

Google gave us hopes of a new app in the future and will be touching up their beta project and expect it to be fully functional by next year.


Source: slashgear