Have you ever used the previous file version function in Windows 7 or would you like the ability to restore a previous version of a document you are working on? This new Windows 8 feature is similar to Mac OS X Time Machine feature. Configuring this feature in Windows 8 is as easily as following the steps below.

First, we will need to enable this feature by opening up the Control Panel. This can be done by searching for the words control panel from your Charm Bar. The below image is courtesy of Microsoft.


Once in the Control Panel using the View by: Category “view”, select the System and Security link.


While in the System and Security link you will then click File History. This will bring up the File History feature.

Windows 8 File History

Now you can either use a USB drive by plugging the drive into your computer. Or for a more advanced configuration, you can use a network location. What we have noticed is that if you plug in your USB drive after you open the File History feature, you have to close the feature and then re-open it to see your now plugged in USB drive and the Turn on button will be active.

Once the Turn on button is active, you can now click Turn on to activate this feature. That’s all there is to it.


Once activated, you can configure how many version to keep of your documents and how often to save your files.

At this point we recommend that you understand how to access your file history and this is done as easy as clicking a button in Windows Explorer.

Windows 8 Restore Files