One essential factor in growing your business is having the right technology. Technology provides the employees and executives in your office with the tools they need to communicate with each other and achieve your company’s goals.

But what if the tech tools available in your office are in need of an upgrade? Software purchases can be a significant line item in your budget and applications must be updated regularly to take advantage of enhancements and security features.

Microsoft Office for Business has been a great asset for many companies in Kennesaw. This cloud-based suite of business applications uses the latest technology to keep companies connected and productive in a secure digital environment. While using Microsoft Office for Business doesn’t fix every challenge your company faces, there are many common office issues Office 365 for Business is great at solving. Here are three of them.

3 Challenges Solved by a Tech Upgrade


For many small to mid-size business, Microsoft Office 365 is an effective productivity solution. Using Office 365 for Business means saying goodbye to space-hogging central filing cabinets and hello to centralized digital files that all of your team members can access from anywhere with an internet connection. Not only does this reduce the amount of paper files that have to be maintained and stored, but it also helps keep your company on the fast track as more time is devoted to creating and completing assignments and less time is spent searching for physical files.


Office 365 also makes it easy for a company’s employees to work together on assignments. Team members can create, share, and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations from almost any desktop or mobile device, regardless of the operating system. Office 365 for Business also provides robust tools for online meetings including screen sharing and video conferencing. This allows employees to collaborate with colleagues and clients wherever they are physically located. This type of connectivity can save your business a significant amount of money on travel expenses and physical meeting space.


With so many businesses being the targets of hack attacks and data breaches, security is a high priority for companies. Fortunately, Microsoft Office 365 for Business comes with a complete array of security features that protects your IT infrastructure. Among these features are anti-spam controls and malware protection as well as automatic updates. Microsoft 365 for Office also includes online storage so documents and messages can be securely backed-up.

What’s the Best Way to Get Started with a Tech Upgrade?

Microsoft 365 for Business is a practical way to give your office a tech upgrade. This suite of online tools can make a huge difference in the productivity and collaboration of your staff and the security of your IT infrastructure. Getting started with Office 365 for Business is easier than you think. rhinotech® can implement and manage Office 365 for Business for your company as well as provide responsive technical support that reduces service interruptions. Contact rhinotech® today at 678-744-6601 for a consultation.