According to, a Chief Information Technology Officer generally requires at least ten years of experience to establish and direct the long-term goals, policies, and procedures for a technology department. also reports that the median annual salary of a Chief Information Technology Officer is $239,235 in Alpharetta, Georgia, which is where rhinotech is located. Hiring rhinotech is similar to hiring a CITO and all of the employees that are managed by one.

The advantages of hiring rhinotech, compared to a complete IT department, is the professional service, no turnover of IT employees, and the ridiculous savings. As mentioned on the home page, rhinotech believes the IT environment of every organization should be perfect for its needs. This includes reliable networks, programs, and equipment, and a local professional who is available at any moment. This is absolutely necessary for businesses to meet all of their capabilities, to make more profit, to be the most efficient, and to be competitive in the global economy. Our beliefs helped us to create a business that serves other businesses, helping them to have a complete professional IT department for a fraction of the cost. We worked very hard to create a unique business, and are proud of the accomplishments we have made. Let us help you be proud of your IT department too!


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