About Us

rhinotech® is a single point of accountability for all business related technology issues. We offer everything from new set-up and installation to customizing and implementing the technological needs required for a company to thrive. As a Small Business, with a long history in the SMB industry, we fully understand the needs to provide a creative and flexible solutions for our clients.

We also help implement an IT plan suited to each particular client. We prioritize needs and plan an effective implementation strategy. Generally, we first determine if a company is using its current technology to its fullest capacity and then show how to maximize the versatility of current products. We also try to bridge the gap between a vendor’s product hype and what is truly an efficient business solution; we take this into serious consideration when choosing which brands to resell and recommend to our clients. rhinotech® also continuously develops an understanding of each client, ensuring that we offer strategic insight into how new solutions and technologies can reduce cost and streamline the operation.

rhinotech® also provides fast, cost-effective emergency response when problems can’t be avoided. Emergencies are rare for our clients considering we schedule upkeep of networked systemssecurity policiesbackup, and virus protection systems so that most problems are prevented.

| An Example of How We Do Business

Let’s take a new start-up company, for example; they only have an empty office space and are ready to get their IT goals in progress.

The first main step is hardware. rhinotech® is a reseller of Dell computers & servers. Dell products have the best return on investment. They are more expensive than some brands but are more durable, warranties are available, and they usually last much longer than other vendors.

Once computers and a server have been chosen, the next step would be to select copiers, all needed software, firewall, CAT6 cabling, internet and phone service, and phones. The next step would be to order everything, and install of all network switches, cabling, and phone systems.

Next, rhinotech® would build a domain, which includes establishing user accounts, and creating security groups (that are applied to the file server folders so nothing gets deleted). Then we would create a file server, which stores all employee company related files and documents. Application of security groups to the file server would then take place, followed by the DHCP, which gives a computer an IP address so that it can communicate with the network and browse the file server. Finally, a domain name server or DNS would be configured; this converts the IP address into a user friendly name, which is helpful for employees to browse network shares on the file server.

Once everything is set up, rhinotech® would connect the computers to the domain and build group policies for user and computer accounts. Then, the configuration of copiers, printers, the firewall, and remote access to computers (VPN) would take place.

Finally, maintenance would occur throughout the agreement; this includes proactive monitoring, which helps to control things from happening before there are any technological issues. Installation of rhinotech’s® remote access helps with each employee’s difficulties on a daily basis. rhinotech antivirus is another form of maintenance as well as backing up servers to our Managed Online Backup solution.

|Contact us today for your free IT consultation or get the facts about our pricing – The Bottom Line

I have worked with rhinotech for many years and they have always taken care of all my IT issues. I consider myself a technologically savvy person. But, when I run into an issue that I don’t know how to solve, rhinotech drops everything they are doing to make sure I am completely taken care of in an extremely timely fashion. They know what they are doing and they are great to work with. I would recommend rhinotech to anyone that has IT needs.

Ryan Bloch LEED® AP