Businesses rely on growth to build successful enterprises. When your business grows, you add staff, equipment and inventory as needed in order to meet increased customer demand. However, in many cases, typical communications technology isn’t able to grow in tandem with our businesses. Traditional landline phones are simply too limited to offer features that can handle the needs of a thriving business. VOiP Services | Rhinotech

For example, if your business implements an effective marketing campaign that generates more sales calls, you’ll need with a phone system that can handle the increase in calls. You may also need a front desk receptionist to take and route the calls (if you don’t already have one on staff). These additions make it more expensive to acquire new customers and can eat away at the profits that come from customer growth.

VoIP is one solution to these types of challenges. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. With a VoIP system, voice data is sent digitally over the internet instead of via a landline telephone network. More and more businesses, even those with fifty or few employees, are making the switch to VoIP. Here are three reasons why VOIP for business in Kennesaw is a sound upgrade.

VoIP for Business is Easy to Set Up and Maintain

Upgrading to a VoIP system may seem like a hassle to business owners. However, making the switch is easier than you think. You only need a broadband connection to set up and operate a VoIP system. No additional wiring is needed or there’s no special equipment to install. Once set up, the VoIP system can be maintained by a third party service provider, so no additional staff is needed. This makes the move to VoIP relatively low cost and easy to maintain.

VoIP for Business Offers Higher Quality Communications

VoIP offers businesses superior sound quality over landline telephony. Since calls sound better than landlines you’ll be able to hear your customers and prospects clearly. Additionally, VoIP offers voicemail, call forwarding, and the ability to add phone lines. If you don’t have a receptionist or administrative assistant to answer calls, VoIP can easily be programmed to include a virtual receptionist or automated attendant, phone menu to route calls, and hold music. Your VoIP system can also be configured to connect to mobile devices and productivity apps. These features make VoIP a time and money saving solution.

VoIP for Business Has Advanced Security Features

Because VoIP is a cloud-based solution that uses your private network to send and receive calls, it offers a high level of security for your data. Using a business and voice data provider to install and maintain your VoIP ensures that your data is securely stored. Your service provider can also make sure your business has enough bandwidth and network capacity to handle expected phone traffic. This also helps when you’re ready to grow. If sales call volume increases due a marketing campaign or expansion, you can add capacity as needed.

Businesses looking to maintain smooth operations while being positioned for growth should definitely consider upgrading to VoIP. Rhinotech® creates VoIP systems customized to your business’ needs. Contact rhinotech® today at 678-744-6601 for a consultation.