Windows 8 is almost upon us and it’s safe to say we’ve all grown to love Windows 7 over the past several years. You might get the feeling that you know all their is to know about Windows 7. Did you know about these 10 lesser known Windows 7 shortcuts?


1) Maximize / Restore Current Window

Windows Key + Up:  Maximize window
Windows Key + Down:  Restore window size


2) Swap Window Between Displays (Dual Monitor Only)

Windows + Shift + Left / Windows + Shift + Right


3) Swap Between Open Window Previews

Windows + T


4) Windows “Shake” Feature (Clear Desktop Save for Current Window)

Click and hold on title bar and shake back and forth repeatedly


5) Minimize All Windows Except Current

Windows + Home


6) Select Pinned Program via Corresponding Number

Windows + [Number]


7) Quick Desktop Peek

Windows + Spacebar


8) Swap Display Mode

Windows + P


9) Open New Explorer Window

Windows + E


10) Zoom In/Out

Windows + ‘+’ or Windows + ‘-‘