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rhinotech network support

Network Consulting

Firewall, routers, switches, and other devices must be properly configured and maintained to ensure network security and reliable operation. Whether you are working remotely or in a branch office, rhinotech can securely connect you back to your business network. rhinotech® can also monitor your network around the clock and keep you informed daily!

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

We provide professional recommendations based on your environment and the budget you have in mind. After customizing a support plan and environment that fits its needs, you can be assured that you will have the support you require.

IT Consulting

Microsoft Partner Pioneers

We take pride in working with and coaching business owners. We realize that choosing the correct technology partner can be a daunting task: this is why we specialize in educating customers before working with them to create an action plan.

IT Support

IT Support

IT Support can have many definitions. Although, for us, we have made it simple by combing all our services into a complete package. Besides budgeting for your future technology needs, our proactive monitoring agent will alert us of potential and current issues.

Why work with rhinotech:

rhinotech® believes the Information Technology (IT) environment of every organization should be perfect for its needs; this includes reliable networks, programs, equipment, and a local professional who is available at any moment. The ideal IT environment is essential for businesses to meet all of their capabilities, to make additional profit, to be the most efficient, and to be competitive in the global economy. We have provided a map of a typical IT environment with links to the services that we offer in that are; just click here for the services page to see what your company may be missing. rhinotech® has years of experience in the field, works to cut cost, and also has close ties with technical vendors. The technical vendors we work with have been proven effective over the years to bring performance, usability, and results at the best possible price. Some of the vendors we work with are provided on the Partners page. Whether it's protecting your home network from viruses or protecting your entire corporation, we can provide you with the best possible solution that will fit your environment. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

– Alpha Soda / Charles Petrakopoulos

rhinotech has been helping my various companies for many years, solving problems, updating and maintaining websites, and performing routine maintenance on our restaurants computer network. They also maintain my home offices business computers that are the backbone of a small construction, property maintenance, and real estate management operations. They are always quick, affordable and intuitive while continually upgrading for new and future technology integration. A plus service and A plus response time!

– Hogan Innovations / Nancy Hogan

rhinotech listened to my company needs and offered several creative options that focused in on my target market.